Vegan vs Raw Vegan

I am a raw vegan, which means that I eat only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs. I do not eat any meat or any animal products. No meat, eggs, dairy, fish or poultry. So let me share my journey of raw veganism. First I want to say that I have never ever tried to push my vegetarianism on anyone and that I do not judge anyone for eating animals. It is my choice, I feel it is to each his own. Do I wish that everyone would become vegans? Yes I do very much wish that, but I know that will never happen.
I was 18 years old when I decided to never eat meat again. That was many many years ago. Wow, like over thirty years, ok so it’s been way over thirty years ago. I am not a bean sprout anymore, I guess I’m a old nut tree now, I must be because people say to me….Kren you’re a nut. When I was young I seemed to always have tummy aches. I did not like meat, fish or chicken and shell fish did not like me. I was very allergic to it. Growing up I saw animals butchered in front of me and I could not and would not eat them. I had a lot to learn about veganism/vegetarianism. I still learn something new about it everyday. I started out meat free, no meat, fish or poultry, but still eating dairy products. I really liked cheese, ice cream and milk. Then after many years I decide to become dietary vegan (no animal products). I was dietary vegan for about four years. I missed cheese on pizza and ice cream, oh how I missed them. So I started to eat dairy products again, but I have never gone back to eating any meat, fish or poultry. I do consider poultry and fish meat. Many people will try to debate me on this, but don’t bother because this is how I feel. I won’t eat them, period.  I do not eat it because I choose not to and I feel that it is not good for humans (my opinion and feelings).
It was about a year after I started eating dairy products again and during the time I moved to California. I was tired all of the time, I gained weight. I didn’t feel good and I would have difficulty breathing. I thought could it be from the stress of moving, environmental or something physically wrong. I went to see doctors but they didn’t help at all. I was so frustrated I thought to myself I felt so much better when I didn’t eat dairy products, so I went cold tomatoes (turkey). Within a week I felt better, my breathing improved. I went back to the doctor and was told that I am now allergic to dairy products. The breathing problem was from my throat swelling after consuming milk products. NO, please no I need my ice cream, cheese and milk. One of the saddest days of my life. No, just kidding.
It has been hard though mainly because everything has milk products in them. Read the ingredients in flavored chips, crackers, tortilla chips they have added dairy in them to name a few products. It has been about fifteen years since I went back to being dietary vegan. What I find is that people act like I have a disease, that I am weird because I don’t eat any animal product, nothing with eyes (except potatoes). They get aggravated when we go to a restaurant and I ask what is in foods on the menu. Some people will say there isn’t much milk in this food, so you can have alittle bit, right? I tell them, no……I am allergic, I just want to scream ALLERGIC, but I don’t. When I invite friends and family to my home I do cook what I call normal people’s food (since I am not a normal food eater). The meals do consist of meat and dairy products.
As I said earlier I stopped eating meat because of health reasons. Now don’t get me wrong I do believe that animals have a right to live. That they were not put here for humans to mistreat or to butcher them. I choose not to eat animals, I can not eat dairy products. I also choose not to have my stomach a grave for rotting flesh. Now don’t get excited this is all my opinion. Ok back to friends and family, what I have found is that most of them act like they have to go out of their way to cook for me. To set aside vegetables without butter, not put cheeses on a salad. What can I feed her? So I just started to bring my own food. I go out of my way cooking for them and it is so hard for them. Nice. I did not say all of my family and friends, just most of them. I do have some very caring thoughtful friends and family.
Through out the years I thought that I was eating pretty healthy. I still didn’t feel all that great, always tired, difficult losing weight, easy to gain weight, forgetful what was I saying? Oh yea I just never felt good in the morning. I had found out that I have lupus. I knew that being dietary vegan helped my immune system, but I just didn’t feel up to par. I have problems with my feet….arthritis, bone spurs, bunions, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, calcified achilles tendon and haglunds derformity. Whew yep that’s alot going on. For fifteen years I have struggled with painful feet. I had to have surgery on my left leg and heel. No walking at all, in a wheel chair for six weeks. Yes there is a reason I am telling you all of this. I was very careful what and how much I ate because it would be so easy to gain weight while confined to a wheel chair. I was not healing and I wanted to build up my immune system so……I read up on a raw vegan diet. I looked up recipes and I knew that I could do it. I love it. I feel so much better. My head is so much clearer and I am less forgetful. I am naturally losing weight. I noticed that my skin and complexion looks better. I really feel better physically and mentally and I am not fatigued all of the time. Yea. I am enjoying making up raw recipes. This is my new journey and I am enjoying it. I now eat 99.9 percent raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs. Some herbs, oils, sweeteners, nuts etc may not be 100 percent raw. I use s sweeteners like maple syrup, agave nectar, raw sugar and dates. I make my own raw salad dressings, condiments, tortilla chips, raw jerky, raw cheeses, raw desserts and raw vegan ice cream. I call my version of ice cream “I scream” because it is so good that I scream, yummy yummy. Yep all of it is made from raw vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, plants, herbs and filtered water. I make raw natural chemical free root beer, ginger beer (ale) and water kefir. I also make raw vegan yogurt, raw mayonnaise, raw sour cream, raw milks, raw cheeses cake just to name a few things. It is all delicious, nutritious, healthy, low good for you fat and did I say yummy. I don’t know anyone that is dietary vegan or raw vegan, so I have traveled all of these years by myself on this ride. It has been tough at times but it’s the path that I chose so many years ago and I have never veered off my path of vegetarianism. I will continue my raw vegan journey but in my journey I plan to find aliens like me (because normal people eat meat). I want to share my knowledge and to share great recipes.
If you would like to learn more send me a message. I would love to share what I have learned with you. Follow me, to follow my journey, my recipes, my videos and much much more.

A short story………Many years ago my honey and I were driving to the desert (Glamis) for a weekend of riding the dunes. On the way there are a lot of farms growing all kinds yummy product, so he points to the field of greens and said to me “does that make you hungry?” I said said yes, haha. Just a minute later you could smell the feed lots (cattle yard), it is a horrible and smelly place. Thousands of cows packed into a manure filled yard, no shade and no grass. The smell is beyond horrible so I pointed to that feed lot and said does that make you hungry?

People think vegans only eat vegetables, they make the jokes that we graze. I would rather be grazing in a pasture with and like cows do, than eating a cow.

Disclaimer – this is my journey, my story, my feelings and my opinion.