Homemade Laundry Detergent


I have not bought nor used a store bought laundry detergent for about six years now. I spend about seven dollars a year on homemade laundry detergent ingredients. (Detergent is a water-soluble cleansing agent that combines with dirt and impurities it makes them more soluble. It is different from soap where it does not form scum with the salts in hard water). I also make my own natural laundry fabric softener. The cost for fabric softener averages about ten dollars per year.
My recipe is so easy to make and the large jar that I fill lasts for over one year. I keep the ingredients very simple, some people add a natural soap that has been grated. I found that the soap left a film in my washing machine, so I chose not to have it on my cloths. I also feel that the soap is not needed because the ingredients that I use gets my cloths super clean without the added soap. Ok so you ask what are these two ingredients in my laundry detergent. 1. Borax 2. Washing soda (not I repeat not baking soda). I purchase mine at WalMart. I use equal parts of each. One cup to one cup, so easy isn’t it? Make sure to wear a mask while combining the borax and washing soda, it is very dusty. All that you need is one to two tablespoons per wash load, depending on how dirty the cloths are. I use a coffee scoop it’s the perfect size. I have one of the newer washing machines and it works great in it, of course it will work great in older machines too.
The fabric softener is also two ingredients. It is so simple I use white vinegar, I put it in the fabric softener slot in the machine then I add five to ten drops of 100% pure lavender essential oil, 100% pure lemon essential oil or 100% pure pine essential oil. They are all three disinfecting oils. Make sure that they are real essential oils and not fragrance oils. I also add my homemade fragrance beads. Again only two ingredients, 1. 100% pure essential oil (lavender, lemon or one). 2. Epsom salts. I pour the epsom salts into a large bowl, add essential oils. I add enough for it to have a strong scent but not to strong. It’s up to you. Then I pour it into my glass jar and seal it tight. Keep this and your essential oils in air right jars in a dark cool cabinet. I add about two tablespoons per load of cloths. Just put your cloths into the washing machine and sprinkle the natural beads over cloths. Occasionally I will add a couple of drops of lavender or lemon essential oil on a cloth and throw it into the dryer with my cloths at the end of the drying cycle to give the cloths a fresh scent. That’s it, plain and simple, just five ingredients.



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