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Homemade Laundry Detergent


I have not bought nor used a store bought laundry detergent for about six years now. I spend about seven dollars a year on homemade laundry detergent ingredients. (Detergent is a water-soluble cleansing agent that combines with dirt and impurities it makes them more soluble. It is different from soap where it does not form scum with the salts in hard water). I also make my own natural laundry fabric softener. The cost for fabric softener averages about ten dollars per year.
My recipe is so easy to make and the large jar that I fill lasts for over one year. I keep the ingredients very simple, some people add a natural soap that has been grated. I found that the soap left a film in my washing machine, so I chose not to have it on my cloths. I also feel that the soap is not needed because the ingredients that I use gets my cloths super clean without the added soap. Ok so you ask what are these two ingredients in my laundry detergent. 1. Borax 2. Washing soda (not I repeat not baking soda). I purchase mine at WalMart. I use equal parts of each. One cup to one cup, so easy isn’t it? Make sure to wear a mask while combining the borax and washing soda, it is very dusty. All that you need is one to two tablespoons per wash load, depending on how dirty the cloths are. I use a coffee scoop it’s the perfect size. I have one of the newer washing machines and it works great in it, of course it will work great in older machines too.
The fabric softener is also two ingredients. It is so simple I use white vinegar, I put it in the fabric softener slot in the machine then I add five to ten drops of 100% pure lavender essential oil, 100% pure lemon essential oil or 100% pure pine essential oil. They are all three disinfecting oils. Make sure that they are real essential oils and not fragrance oils. I also add my homemade fragrance beads. Again only two ingredients, 1. 100% pure essential oil (lavender, lemon or one). 2. Epsom salts. I pour the epsom salts into a large bowl, add essential oils. I add enough for it to have a strong scent but not to strong. It’s up to you. Then I pour it into my glass jar and seal it tight. Keep this and your essential oils in air right jars in a dark cool cabinet. I add about two tablespoons per load of cloths. Just put your cloths into the washing machine and sprinkle the natural beads over cloths. Occasionally I will add a couple of drops of lavender or lemon essential oil on a cloth and throw it into the dryer with my cloths at the end of the drying cycle to give the cloths a fresh scent. That’s it, plain and simple, just five ingredients.



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The Benefits of Sea Salt


When you want to relax consider taking a relaxing sea salt bath, also known as thalassotherapy. Sea salt contains minerals that help to restore your outer layer of skin, it helps to keep your skin hydrated and it softens your skin. When you soak in a sea salt water bath your fingers and toes will not get all pruney and wrinkled. Sea salt pulls out the toxins and cleanses the pores. To help you relax fill your tub up with warm water. Add your sea salt to the warm water. Then drop in a couple of drops of pure lavender essential oil, swish around into water. Lavender essential oil is very relaxing and helps to reduce stress.
1 cup good grade sea salt
3 to 5 drops 100% pure lavender essential oil

Sea salt is a great all natural exfoliatant. It helps to loosen and slough off dead skin. Use a good grade sea salt and gently massage on your skin. You don’t want a rough coarse salt with sharp edges that can scratch your skin. It should be a gentle sloughing of the dead skin, to help renew your skin. You can also make a sea salt scrub by adding sea salt to a carrier oil (like grapeseed oil or olive oil) and essential oil. Massage a handful onto your skin while in the tub or shower. Be careful and avoid sensitive areas, eyes, ears and mouth. Then rinse off with warm water. Always use caution though because the oil will make your tub or shower very very slippery. It helps to have a bath mat in your tub/shower, then clean tub/shower right away to prevent accidental slips or falls. A good sea salt scrub;
1 cup sea salt
2 cups carrier oil (like grapeseed oil)
12 drops essential oil – I like lavender essential oil, it helps to relax me.

If you have sore tired feet try taking a large basin/bowl fill it with warm water, add sea salt, epsom salts and lavender essential oil. Soak your feet for about fifteen minutes. I fill the bottom of my basin with marbles then add the sea salt, epsom salts and essential oils. Slip your feet into the basin, sit back and wiggle your toes. The marbles massage your feet and toes. Make sure to wash and dry the marbles after.
Large basin
Warm water
1/4 cup Sea salt
1/4 cup epsom salts
3 drops essential oil
Medium size marbles

Sea salt makes a great facial toner too. Just spritz it on face after you wash your face or use it to freshen your face up.
Sea salt toner;
2 cups warm distilled water (not hot)
2 Teaspoons Pink Himalayan sea salt
1/8 teaspoon epsom salts
6 drops lavender essential oil
3 drops calendula tincture
In a 8 ounce amber or blue spray bottle
Add warm water, sea salt and epsom salts. Stir until salts are dissolved. Add lavender essential oil and calendula tincture. Gently shake.

Sea salt is a great mouth wash also. Here is a recipe for a great mouthwash.
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
4 ounces distilled water
Mix all of ingredients, stir until all is dissolved. Take a mouth full of mouthwash, swish in mouth then spit mouthwash out into sink.

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Lavender Essential Oil


There is nothing like walking thru a field of lavender. To take a deep breath of that wonderful miracle, it’s like inhaling pure freshness. Lavender has a floral, herbaceous, slightly woody yet sweet aroma. It should not have a camphoreous smell to it. Lavender essential oil can be used directly (neat) on your skin it does not have to be added to a carrier oil. It has so many healing properties. Lavender is the most well known essential oil and it has a long history of uses. It is still used in perfumes, incense, as a deodorant, disinfectant, germicial, antimicrobial, It It is very calming, relaxing, balancing both emotionally and physically yet uplifting. When I am stressed I open a bottle of lavender essential oil then I slowly inhale taking in the aroma. It instantly helps me to relax and be calm.
There are three ways to get the benefits from essential oils.
1. The olfactory system is the main way. When an odor enters into the nasal cavity, it interacts with olfactory receptors. Your receptors send signals to the main olfactory bulb, then to your mitral cells. The mitral cells take the odor the rest of the way to the olfactory cortex; this is where awareness and identification of specific odors takes place.
2. Topically. Essential oils can be applied topically to your skin. Your skin is permeable so it is able to absorb oils and essential oils. Essential oils are very concentrated and they can burn or irritate your skin if applied directly onto your skin. Most essential oils should be diluted with a carrier oil. A carrier oil is a base oil like jojoba oil, Olive oil, argon oil, grapeseed oil to name a few oils. Lavender and tea tree are two that can be applied directly to skin.
3. Ingesting by swallowing it. Ingesting (swallowing) essential oils is NOT recommended for the general public. The reason is because you should have a great deal of essential oils knowledge and expertise to be safe. You should talk to a specially trained physician or aromatherapist. Some essential oils may be toxic to the liver or kidneys when ingested. If you are taking prescription drugs there could be potential drug interactions. Essential oils are very very concentrated and may burn your throat, esophagus or stomach if ingested.
Essential oils are safe to use but always use caution and educate yourself before using them.
I always keep a bottle in my kitchen, my laundry room, my essential oil/first aid kit. I learned the hard way to always take my essential oil kit with me when I travel.
Some of the ways that I use lavender essential oil;
1. I dilute it with alcohol in a spray bottle and spray it into my pillow before going to bed and it helps me to sleep.
2. When I got stung by a bee, I dropped a few drops onto the area and no swelling and minimal redness.
3. When I burn myself (luckily it’s only been three times that it was really bad) the first thing I do is to ice it for at least five minutes, then I soak the burned area in lavender essential oil. I repeat; ice five minutes, lavender five minutes. Within twenty minutes I have no more swelling or pain It doesn’t get a bad blister, nor does it leave a burn scar. It really works.
4. When I got eczema on my hand I made up what I call one of my potions with lots of lavender essential oil included into it. I put it on the pad of a bandaid. Within two days, really two days the eczema was getting better. After four days it was healed.
5. I use it on cuts, scraps, bug bites, mosquito bites, spider bites.
6. I add lavender to my homemade lotions, salves, lip balm, face soap, skin care products, shampoo, conditioner, and body butters. It softens my skin and hair and smells great. I never use store bought face soap, lotions, butters, salves, butters or balms.
7. I use it on sunburns.
8. I make all of my soap, face and body soap. I add essential oil and lavender flowers into my body soap. The lather is so soft, very cleansing and smells great.
9. I make my homemade laundry detergent, fabric softener and laundry scent beads with lavender essential oil infused.
10. I make a lavender tincture that I can use in salad dressing, tea, raw ice cream and any recipes I chose to put it in.
11. I make eyepillows with lavender flower tops, flax seeds and lavender essential oil.
12. I make bath salts and bath oils with lavender essential oil.
13. I make air freshener/disinfectant with water or alcohol and lavender essential oil in a spray bottle. Forget those stores bought fresheners, they don’t kill germs that cause odors and they are chemicals.
14. I put a couple of drops in my diffuser to freshen the air. If you don’t have a diffuser you can simmer some water in a small pan, add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil and let it disperse into the air.
15. I add lavender essential oil to almost all of my homemade potions.
16. I add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a very large bowl with marbles on the bottom and soak my feet for fifteen minutes. It is so relaxing and calming.

To make lavender essential oil (Lavendula angustifolia) the flowering tops are steam distilled which extracts the volatile (it evaporates rapidly in the form of a vapor) oils from the lavender flowers. Essential oils are very very concentrated so they are very strong. It takes 150 pounds of lavender buds to make one ounce of lavender essential oil.

Never use essential oils undiluted (except lavender and tea tree they can be used undiluted), in the eyes or mucus membranes. Keep away from children and pets. When you are applying a essential oil to your skin always perform a small patch test to a insensitive part of the body like the inside of your elbow. Most essential oils have to be diluted with a carrier oil prior to applying to skin.

When storing oils, do not store them in plastic bottles or with a rubber dropper inserted in the bottle. Essential oils are very strong they can dissolve the plastic and the rubber on the dropper. Leaving the rubber on the dropper gummy and sticky.

This information is for educational purposes only. It is my opinion. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Raw Vegan Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer is so easy to make and it is raw, natural, tasty, has no chemicals in it and is really good for you. It does take a few days to make though, but it is well worth it. It tastes so much better than store bought ginger soda. This is a lacto fermented soda. I bet you are waiting for me to tell you how to make it, aren’t you?

Things that you will be need:
1 quart mason type jar
Cheese cloth
Fresh ginger root
Raw sugar
Purified water

Ginger Beer Recipe

1 Tablespoon fresh chopped ginger root
2 Teaspoons sugar

Place ginger and sugar into mason jar. Fill jar 3/4 of the way full with filtered purified water. Stir. Cover with cheese cloth and seal with a rubber band around top. Day two, add 2 teaspoons chopped ginger root and 2 teaspoons sugar, stir, cover with cheese cloth. Stir at night. Repeat every day for one week. That’s it, see I told you that it is easy to make.


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Raw Cacao Cherry Ice Cream

I don’t eat much cacao (chocolate), but every once and a while I will eat a little bit. Being a raw vegan I look for raw cacao that is organic, non alkalized non-dutched,unsweetened, no additives or chemicals. For cacao to be considered raw the temperature has to be 118 degrees Fahrenheit or under for winnowing (Winnowing is the step where the bitter husk is removed from the cocoa bean so that the cacao isn’t bitter) and also for grinding. The cacao powder will have to be cold pressed then to separate the fat. The fat is the cacao butter. This leaves the cacao solids. The cacao solids are then cold milled to make cacao powder. Freedom Superfoods Cacao Powder fits all of that.
I found that Freedom Superfoods Cacao Powder is just what I wanted. It is light brown in color has a rich chocolate taste with no bitter after taste. Most of the cocoa that you buy in the grocery store has been dutched. Cocoa powder is a dark brown because it’s been alkalized.
Pictured is raw cacao cherry ice cream topped with raw cacao hard shell topping and topped with chopped raw hazelnuts.
This is so easy and fun to make. If you don’t have cherries you can replace them with frozen strawberries, blueberries, mango or any frozen fruit

Raw Cacao Cherry Ice Cream Recipe

2 bananas – sliced and frozen
1/4 to 1/2 cup purified water
1 rounded tablespoons raw cacao powder
3/4 cup frozen dark sweet cherries -pitted

In a Vitamix add water and bananas blend until smooth. Add cherries and raw cacao, blend until smooth, thick and creamy. If it is not thick enough you can add ice until it is as thick as you like it.

Raw Cacao Shell Topping Recipe

1/4 cup coconut oil- let sit in a warm area until liquid
2 tablespoons raw cacao powder
1/4 cup agave or any sweetener

Mix all the together until blended very well. Pour over ice cream. It will make a hard shell.


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Raw Vegan and your ph level


Your body’s pH can tell you a lot, it is a indication of your health. Your body’s pH should be 7. The pH of a persons healthy blood is 7.35, it is slightly alkaline. When your blood ph goes below 7 or above 7.45 your body won’t function properly. It functions best at a blood ph of 7.35.
Most people are too acidic, because Americans diet consists of to much processed food, high amounts of refined sugar, animal protein and way to much junk food.
A person that is acidic may tire quickly, be irritable a lot, not be able to sleep, have very low energy and they may have no enthusiasm to do the things they would normally do. They may be sensitive to cold, have dry flaky skin, brittle nails and a weakened immune system. When the immune system is weaken it makes your more prone to getting a cold, the flu, and recurring infections. Such as uti’s and upper respiratory infections like bronchitis. When you’re body stays acidic to long it can cause major health issues. Some women that have sever pms may be very acidic. When your immune system is weakened your body can’t fight off things like cancer, allergies, arthritis, lupus and even diabetes.
pH stands for Potential for freeing Hydrogen ions. So you probably want to know what that means. The difference between acidity and alkalinity will tell you what your ability to free hydrogen ions is.
PH is the measure of the electrical action in your body which regulates many of your body’s functions. The pH scale measures the amount of oxygen in your blood. When your blood is too acid it will not carry enough oxygen.
The ph scale goes from 0 to 14. The pH of 7 is considered to be neutral, the pH of 0 to 7 is acid. The pH of 7 to 14 is alkaline. Each number unit of change represents a tenfold change in acidity or alkalinity. That means the difference between a pH of 4 and 5 is a lot greater than the difference between 6 an 7.
It is very important that your body stays a healthy acidic to alkaline balance. You blood has to correct any changes in your ph immediately.
For your body to eliminate acid from your body it can do it by sweating, through your urine, store them up as fat and by your breath. When you are too acidic then there isn’t enough alkaline minerals in your body to buffer the acids. Then you will store the acids in fat. The only way to get rid of or release the acid is if you have more alkaline buffers that will neutralize the acid. You can neutralize the acids with calcium because it is a alkaline mineral.
Some people can’t lose weight because they eat food that is not healthy like sugar, junk food and animal protein. By eating unhealthy you lose a lot of alkaline minerals. The body cannot release excess fat that have stored acids. That is because the acids have to be neutralized, but your body doesn’t have enough alkaline to neutralize the acid.

Eating a raw diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices is rich in alkaline minerals and helps to balance your ph levels.
Here is a list of some fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices;
Broccoli, leafy greens, squash, cabbage, bok choy, cucumber, kale, endive, asparagus, garlic, sea vegetables, collard greens, wild edibles, grasses, sprouted vegetables, beets, radishes, burdock, carrots, yams, turnips, parsnip, rutabaga, avocados, limes, lemons, dried figs, tomatoes, grapefruit, coconut, ripened bananas, watermelon, seeds, herbs, cayenne pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, curry, fennel, cumin, and raw nuts. These are just a few of the raw foods you can eat.
This helps your body to have homeostasis. Homeostasis is maintaining and the regulation of the body’s internal environment. All of the levels need to be controlled, this is so that the body can function properly. In order for the body to function properly the internal environments must be controlled. Enzymes work at optimal temperatures and ph levels are optimal around the body.
You can measure your bodies ph level and monitor the health of your body with ph test strips. Ph test strips measure the ph levels in saliva and/or urine.

This information is for educational purposes only. It is my opinion. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Raw Vegan Strawberry ice cream sandwich

Yep you read it correctly raw vegan strawberry ice cream sandwich. No dairy, no sugar, no animal products, no chemicals only good for you ingredients. Fruit, nuts, seeds, spices and that is it. The cookie tastes sort of like a granola bar and the ice cream like a soft serve strawberry ice cream. This is SOOOOOOOO yummy. It was so hard to only eat one, ok so I had two they were small. Now I have a serious problem, I don’t want to share them.
This delicious treat is so easy to make, but it needs to go into the freezer for a while before serving. Keep watching recipe posted soon.

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Raw UnGranola Bars

I do not eat wheat or grains anymore, but I like granola bars, what to do? Make my own, a raw version of granola bars. I’ll tell you this…they turned out great. It does have a bit of a coconut flavor because I used coconut oil and coconut flour in them, but I can make it coconut free. I like coconut but some of my family does not, though I did not make them for my “normal” people family members. I made them myself and for anyone wanting a raw vegan adventure. I used the coconut oil as a binder – holder together. So I keep them in the refrigerator because I live in California and it’s been over 100 degrees here and the coconut oil may soften. These ungranola bars are so soft, chewy, sweet with a little bit of crunch. They do not contain any sugar, they are naturally sweetened with medjool dates and dried tart cherries. I added so many good for you ingredients. To think a sweet tasty bar that is actually good for you and is raw vegan. Another easy to make recipe. I used coconut flour, almond flour and flax meal if you can’t find these in your local store, you can make them. Just put raw dried coconut in a blender and blend until it’s a flour. Same for the almond and flax. If you can’t find medjool dates then use the smaller ones but soak them for a few hours to make them softer. You will have to use about eighteen small dates, make sure they are depitted. I found my cherries at Costco. Costco sells medjool dates also.


Raw Vegan Ungranola Bars

12 to 14 medjool dates-pitted
2 T. Hemp seeds
1 t. Acai powder
1/3 c. Raw cashews
2/3 c. Almond flour
2 T. Coconut flour
1 T. Flax meal
2 T. Coconut oil
1/3 c. Dried tart cherries

Add dates, hemp seeds, acai powder, raw cashews, coconut flour, flax meal, almond flour and coconut oil in a good processor. Process until crumbles. Add cherries, process until just chopped and blended. Place on parchment paper, form into a 12″x12″x1/2″ square. Freeze for about 10 minutes, cut into bars. Keep refrigerated.

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Vegan vs Raw Vegan

I am a raw vegan, which means that I eat only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs. I do not eat any meat or any animal products. No meat, eggs, dairy, fish or poultry. So let me share my journey of raw veganism. First I want to say that I have never ever tried to push my vegetarianism on anyone and that I do not judge anyone for eating animals. It is my choice, I feel it is to each his own. Do I wish that everyone would become vegans? Yes I do very much wish that, but I know that will never happen.
I was 18 years old when I decided to never eat meat again. That was many many years ago. Wow, like over thirty years, ok so it’s been way over thirty years ago. I am not a bean sprout anymore, I guess I’m a old nut tree now, I must be because people say to me….Kren you’re a nut. When I was young I seemed to always have tummy aches. I did not like meat, fish or chicken and shell fish did not like me. I was very allergic to it. Growing up I saw animals butchered in front of me and I could not and would not eat them. I had a lot to learn about veganism/vegetarianism. I still learn something new about it everyday. I started out meat free, no meat, fish or poultry, but still eating dairy products. I really liked cheese, ice cream and milk. Then after many years I decide to become dietary vegan (no animal products). I was dietary vegan for about four years. I missed cheese on pizza and ice cream, oh how I missed them. So I started to eat dairy products again, but I have never gone back to eating any meat, fish or poultry. I do consider poultry and fish meat. Many people will try to debate me on this, but don’t bother because this is how I feel. I won’t eat them, period.  I do not eat it because I choose not to and I feel that it is not good for humans (my opinion and feelings).
It was about a year after I started eating dairy products again and during the time I moved to California. I was tired all of the time, I gained weight. I didn’t feel good and I would have difficulty breathing. I thought could it be from the stress of moving, environmental or something physically wrong. I went to see doctors but they didn’t help at all. I was so frustrated I thought to myself I felt so much better when I didn’t eat dairy products, so I went cold tomatoes (turkey). Within a week I felt better, my breathing improved. I went back to the doctor and was told that I am now allergic to dairy products. The breathing problem was from my throat swelling after consuming milk products. NO, please no I need my ice cream, cheese and milk. One of the saddest days of my life. No, just kidding.
It has been hard though mainly because everything has milk products in them. Read the ingredients in flavored chips, crackers, tortilla chips they have added dairy in them to name a few products. It has been about fifteen years since I went back to being dietary vegan. What I find is that people act like I have a disease, that I am weird because I don’t eat any animal product, nothing with eyes (except potatoes). They get aggravated when we go to a restaurant and I ask what is in foods on the menu. Some people will say there isn’t much milk in this food, so you can have alittle bit, right? I tell them, no……I am allergic, I just want to scream ALLERGIC, but I don’t. When I invite friends and family to my home I do cook what I call normal people’s food (since I am not a normal food eater). The meals do consist of meat and dairy products.
As I said earlier I stopped eating meat because of health reasons. Now don’t get me wrong I do believe that animals have a right to live. That they were not put here for humans to mistreat or to butcher them. I choose not to eat animals, I can not eat dairy products. I also choose not to have my stomach a grave for rotting flesh. Now don’t get excited this is all my opinion. Ok back to friends and family, what I have found is that most of them act like they have to go out of their way to cook for me. To set aside vegetables without butter, not put cheeses on a salad. What can I feed her? So I just started to bring my own food. I go out of my way cooking for them and it is so hard for them. Nice. I did not say all of my family and friends, just most of them. I do have some very caring thoughtful friends and family.
Through out the years I thought that I was eating pretty healthy. I still didn’t feel all that great, always tired, difficult losing weight, easy to gain weight, forgetful what was I saying? Oh yea I just never felt good in the morning. I had found out that I have lupus. I knew that being dietary vegan helped my immune system, but I just didn’t feel up to par. I have problems with my feet….arthritis, bone spurs, bunions, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, calcified achilles tendon and haglunds derformity. Whew yep that’s alot going on. For fifteen years I have struggled with painful feet. I had to have surgery on my left leg and heel. No walking at all, in a wheel chair for six weeks. Yes there is a reason I am telling you all of this. I was very careful what and how much I ate because it would be so easy to gain weight while confined to a wheel chair. I was not healing and I wanted to build up my immune system so……I read up on a raw vegan diet. I looked up recipes and I knew that I could do it. I love it. I feel so much better. My head is so much clearer and I am less forgetful. I am naturally losing weight. I noticed that my skin and complexion looks better. I really feel better physically and mentally and I am not fatigued all of the time. Yea. I am enjoying making up raw recipes. This is my new journey and I am enjoying it. I now eat 99.9 percent raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs. Some herbs, oils, sweeteners, nuts etc may not be 100 percent raw. I use s sweeteners like maple syrup, agave nectar, raw sugar and dates. I make my own raw salad dressings, condiments, tortilla chips, raw jerky, raw cheeses, raw desserts and raw vegan ice cream. I call my version of ice cream “I scream” because it is so good that I scream, yummy yummy. Yep all of it is made from raw vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, plants, herbs and filtered water. I make raw natural chemical free root beer, ginger beer (ale) and water kefir. I also make raw vegan yogurt, raw mayonnaise, raw sour cream, raw milks, raw cheeses cake just to name a few things. It is all delicious, nutritious, healthy, low good for you fat and did I say yummy. I don’t know anyone that is dietary vegan or raw vegan, so I have traveled all of these years by myself on this ride. It has been tough at times but it’s the path that I chose so many years ago and I have never veered off my path of vegetarianism. I will continue my raw vegan journey but in my journey I plan to find aliens like me (because normal people eat meat). I want to share my knowledge and to share great recipes.
If you would like to learn more send me a message. I would love to share what I have learned with you. Follow me, to follow my journey, my recipes, my videos and much much more.

A short story………Many years ago my honey and I were driving to the desert (Glamis) for a weekend of riding the dunes. On the way there are a lot of farms growing all kinds yummy product, so he points to the field of greens and said to me “does that make you hungry?” I said said yes, haha. Just a minute later you could smell the feed lots (cattle yard), it is a horrible and smelly place. Thousands of cows packed into a manure filled yard, no shade and no grass. The smell is beyond horrible so I pointed to that feed lot and said does that make you hungry?

People think vegans only eat vegetables, they make the jokes that we graze. I would rather be grazing in a pasture with and like cows do, than eating a cow.

Disclaimer – this is my journey, my story, my feelings and my opinion.